Questions and Answers About Our Tree Contractor

If you are in the market for a local tree contractor, then Tree Monsters Inc., a company serving clients in Hallandale Beach, FL and the surrounding areas, is the one you should choose. Seeing as you are on this frequently asked questions article, we will take this opportunity to share answers to questions we receive and why people decide to choose our services over the competition.

Q. What are the signs I need to look for that a tree needs professional trimming?

A. A tree that is growing out of the desired shape, or branches that you consider dangerous are both signs that you need to have your tree professionally trimmed.

Q. What is tree trimming, and why is it important for tree health?

A. Tree trimming involves cutting branches that are dead, snapped, or diseased, or are too close to your home. By removing some of the branches you allow the tree to concentrate on the rest of the branches by providing them with the nutrients it needs.

Q. What role does proper tree care play in preventing tree diseases and pests?

A. Proper tree care includes regular pruning, watering, and mulching, all of which will enhance the tree’s resilience and prevent stress that will make it more open to diseases and pest infestation.

Q. What are the advantages of hiring a professional tree service rather than attempting DIY tree care?

A. You should hire our affordable tree service because we can make sure that your trees receive our expertise, working with trees can also be dangerous when you do not have the right tools or skills to deal with a tree. We can prevent the spread of disease, and maintain the soil.

Q. What steps should be taken to ensure the safe removal of a tree, especially in residential areas?

A. Before we remove a tree, we first assess the overall condition of the tree, obtain permits when applicable, check the nearby structures, prioritize safety measures, safeguard your property, and evaluate what the potential environmental impact will be.

Q. How often should I schedule routine tree maintenance for my property?

A. We recommend every couple of years, or, after every major storm.

Q. What is your payment schedule and payment methods?

A. We will take Zelle, cash, checks, Cash App, and all major credit cards. The choice is always yours!

Q. What are the areas that you serve?

A. We serve the following areas: Ojus, FL; Opa-Locka, FL; West Park, FL; and Westview, FL. If you live anywhere near these areas, please call us and ask if we can include your area on this list.

Q. What services does your tree company provide?

A. We can offer you the following services: tree trimming, removal, irrigation, property maintenance, landscaping, trash and junk removal.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. We are available Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM, and only by appointment on Sunday.

If you feel more confident and would like to make an appointment with our tree contractor to discuss all of your requirements in greater detail, please feel free to contact Tree Monsters Inc.. Call us today at this number (954) 870-8120 within our working hours. Rely on us if you are based in or around the Hallandale Beach, FL area.

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